Talent Resources

Are you an aspiring actor wondering how to get started in the industry?
If so, there are several important steps to take that are key to building a foundation for success.


Hard work, persistence, a good attitude, and a commitment to constantly improving your skills is vital. Even the most seasoned professionals understand the importance of ongoing training with experienced and knowledgeable instructors. The following are our recommendations for training available in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area:


Your headshot is the first and most memorable impression that you make on a casting director, and it's the single most crucial element of an actor's total marketing package. It is important to find a photographer that not only makes you feel comfortable and offers you a great value, but who produces the style and quality of photograph that casting directors look for. A professional resume is a must, and voice and video demo reels are valuable as well. Here are our top recommendations for photographers, hair & makeup artists, professional printing services, and demo reels:


When you are ready to take your career to the next level, it's time to seek agency representation. A legitimate agency does not charge you any upfront fees. Each agency has their own guidelines for new talent, whether they have open calls, prefer submissions by snail mail vs. email....it's a good idea to find out first. Think about some questions to ask yourself as you start your search:

  • Who are some of the clients the agency has worked with?
  • What type of work does the agency book talent for?
  • What am I looking for in my relationship with my agent?
  • What kind of reputation does the agency have in the local industry?
  • BizParentz Foundation is a great resource for parents of child actors!


Even in large metropolitan areas like Dallas/Ft. Worth, it seems like everyone knows everyone in the local industry. There are many different ways to offer your time and talents. Volunteering assists you in expanding your network, gives you an opportunity to see your industry friends in action, and allows you the chance to give back. Whether you set aside some time to usher for a local theater, coordinate an industry gathering, or volunteer at a film festival... all of these make a positive difference in your community. Here are some places to get you started:

We hope this provides some useful information for you, and wish you the best of luck as you pursue your career!